Surveys for hull and machinery insurers

In the London market it has become customary for underwriters to request surveys according to the JH2013/007 A, B, C and D formats. The contents of the surveys have been determined by the joint hull committee. More information on the content of the surveys is available here.

Technical Appraisal – an Inserve branded product which combines the A, B and C surveys into one package. It is a useful loss prevention exercise which looks at the way in which ships are managed, operated and maintained rather than purely their physical condition. It is a non intrusive appraisal rather than an inspection or audit. Liked by shipowners and insurers equally.

We carry out all of the A, B, C and D surveys sufficient to satisfy underwriters requirements. The requirement for the survey is often part of the hull and machinery policy conditions and is usually at the expense of the shipowner. Inserve works on the basis of payment in advance of the surveys and will agree a lump sum price with the shipowner which includes all survey fees and expenses. A report is compiled and sent to the shipowner and his brokers for onward transmission to underwriters. The report will contain recommendations aimed at reducing levels of risk and improving safety and reliability, to the benefit of all parties.

Surveys for P&I insurers

Condition surveys for P&I insurers are an important part of our work. We carry out surveys for P&I clubs using the international group survey form, specific club survey forms or those formats required by fixed premium insurers. All offices have ultra sonic hatch cover testing equipment and the surveyors are trained in its use.

Shipyard surveys

We carry out surveys for builder’s risk insurers according to the JH143 format. Very often there will be a need for a more bespoke approach where a specific high value project is involved and we respond accordingly. Insurers will have their own particular requirements and we always try to satisfy these as well.

For liability insurers, we carry out shipyard surveys in respect of ship repairers liability policies.

For insurers of marine property

Ports, terminals and marinas are three areas where we carry out surveys for insurers of marine property.

For shipowners and those with an interest in improving reliability and safety

We offer a loss prevention exercise. This is an Inserve branded product tailored to meet the needs of the client. The idea is to look at the way in which a ship or fleet is managed, operated and maintained and to introduce measures to improve safety and reliability.

Casualty surveys, marine consultancy and technical support

In a casualty situation we will act as underwriters surveyors where appointed. We also provide insurers with advice and technical support in the aftermath of a marine casualty.

On request

We carry out on request, pre purchase surveys, surveys of vessels undergoing a single voyage to scrap under their own power and towage approvals.