South American vessels :

A useful document which looks are some of the typical fire, flood and watertight integrity issues that affect South American fishing vessels and coastal tonnage.

A review of the risks faced by hull and machinery insurers in 2013

Yangtze River – Three Gorge tour. From Chongqing to Yichang

Chart work – good and bad practice

Marine Risk Management in the 21st Century – friend or foe?

Planned Maintenance Systems

Ship Construction in Asian Emerging Markets

Shipyard Surveys

Mega Yachts – know the risks:
On the 8th November, Simon Groves presented a paper entitled “Mega Yachts – know the risks" at the Lloyds Library. The paper was organised by the Insurance Institute of London where a full transcript and the presentation is available to members. For others, the paper is available in the Publications page.

Lake Victoria shipping, past, present and future:
In October 2007, Simon Groves was fortunate to have visited the Kenyan port of Kisumu on Lake Victoria for the purpose of surveying a vessel.
The vessel concerned was a rail ferry which was built in Kisumu in 1965 for the purpose of transporting railway wagons between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda across the lake, effectively creating an east African railway network…

Inserve survey guidelines:
an internal document which contains useful information on casualty surveying and the treatment of repairs and costs in way which suits London market insurance practitioners and average adjusters.

The Failure of Regulation:
a paper first written by Jon Gray and subsequently presented at two conferences. It discusses the ever increasing regulation which shipowners have to comply with and the effect if any, on the reduction in claims and casualties.

The connecting rod – the Achilles heel of the four stroke diesel engine, or just a bone of contention?