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We are often asked how many surveys we carried out in any year, so we like to look back and reflect on jobs completed in 2017.

In 2017 we carried out 4 Loss Prevention Studies, 5 Technical Appraisals and 33 office management visits ( C surveys). We carried out 7 casualty surveys, 3 shipyard risk assessments and 1 semi sub heavy lift operation.

Similar to 2016, ferries and fishing vessels remained the categories of vessels surveyed most often and this reflects their risk exposure to insurers. For loss prevention purposes during 2017 we surveyed:

93 ferries, 26 fishing vessels, 17 general cargo vessels, 8 livestock carriers, 6 bulk carriers, 5 offshore vessels, 5 barges, 4 tugs, 4 tankers, 2 cruise vessels and 1 car carrier.