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December 2013

December was a busy period for our colleagues Ezequiel Castro and Frank Perez. Ezequiel visited Colombia to see 17 units of a Colombian fleet, comprising of barges, tugs, small boats and floating cranes. Also he attended a cement carrier in Dominican Republic and a casualty survey in Panama which resulted in being a shipyard guarantee matter.

In the meantime Frank travelled to USA and completed a request of a London insurer.

David Jones carried out a navigation review of a well-known company to us. He sailed on a representative sample of the fleet over a few days in The Philippines. This survey was focused on minimising the risk regarding the navigation issues. We identified that the most important risk reducing factor on the bridge is the effective operation and leadership of the bridge team.

It came as a surprise to us to learn that David Jones has an unusual fascination with shipwrecks, and every time he goes on a job he manages to find a picture of a good wreck. Here is the last one he took during his survey in the Philippines, see photo. There is a small house with a sign saying Cebu University, could this be the ship handling department of the shipwreck?

Moreover, David Jones was involved with a survey of a private yacht in Greece.

Richard Postles has been surveying hovercrafts in the UK and Simon Groves spent a few weeks in the Philippines.

Marinos Wang visited Korea to attend a Ro-Ro passenger ferry.