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1st May 2014

From 15th April to 1st May our team visited Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Portugal and Ecuador.

Richard Postles was involved in a survey of a live fish carrier. The well boats are used mainly in Chile, Norway and New Zealand for carrying live fish from farms which are usually off the cost to factories for processing. Most of these vessels are built in Norway and a lot of the equipment is Norwegian. 

Simon Groves had the opportunity to carry out a particular survey of a submarine belonging to the Ecuador Navy. It is the first time Inserve conducted an inspection of this type. It was a diesel electric submarine with a crew of 45 people. It can operate for 20 hours or so underwater and then has to come to periscope depth in order to run the diesel engines sufficiently to charge the batteries. The limit of operation was 250 metres water depth. See the picture below.