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1st April 2014

During March, our marine surveyors besides the inspections in the Philippines, they also inspected in Egypt, Scotland, Salamina Island, Taiwan, Belgium and Guadalupe Island.

In one vessel inspected by Richard Postles along with Nadya El Ouazani, one generator set was part of an unusual system. The main engine could also drive the electrical alternator through a Vulkan coupling and clutch, therefore the alternator could be considered as a shaft generator. However, the alternator could also be driven by the generator engine via another Vulcan coupling, clutch and gearbox. This gives good electrical load options. In addition, the generator engine could run as an additional propulsion engine and assist the main engine to give more power. This system was designed for the vessel to operate in ice. Another configuration is the generator engine to run without the main engine as a 'pony engine', i.e. auxiliary propulsion system. All in all it is a very flexible system.