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18th November 2014

The London office surveyors continue to be very busy. Richard Postles visited the Netherlands and Egypt. Simon Groves travelled from Patagonia to the Virgin Islands to attend a particular vessel that has been re adapted from a fishing vessel to a “yacht transport / support vessel” for private use to transport a motor yacht from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and provide support services while cruising. It is always curious for us to hear things like this! 

During this last visit, Simon took a picture in Tortola of a wreck (see the picture), it seems that the whole island is full of them!

Another place visited by one Inserve surveyor these days was Hawaii. On this occasion Ezequiel Castro carried out a survey there, this was the first time for him although some years ago Inserve was there attending an ambitious project of the Hawaii Superferry.

A recent training course for issues regarding the superintendent's work for a large Philippine fleet has been carried out by Simon Groves in Manila. We hope all the participants enjoyed the course and most importantly found it useful for their daily work within the fleet.