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15th October 2014

Simon Groves and Edmund Concepcion were busy with a series of surveys for a large ferry company in the Philippines. As Edmund is based in the Philippines he will continue dealing with them, however, Simon Groves will need to come back there soon in order to help them carrying out training courses for their staff.

Since Patricio Necochea joined us in August, he carried out various surveys in Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.

Richard Postles has recently completed a survey in Glasgow and also he has visited Austria to attend an interesting meeting about torsional vibration dampers.

Lately we have done surveys where the planned maintenance system (PMS) was not properly established by the company. The PMS are normally lacking of adequate job descriptions, all maintenance tasks and measurements as per the maintenance manuals and adequate reporting with measurements and observations. The surveyors always try to give advices to the shipowners/managers of how to start an effective maintenance program, obviously it’s impossible to explain in a few lines all about the maintenance, but in general the recommendations of the surveyor for the PMS is to include, a weekly and monthly TBM schedules, a running hour form, job descriptions and report forms. A proper maintenance programme should show all the maintenance tasks, when they were last done and when they are next due.