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15th June 2014

Richard Postles was busy the last month. A cellular container vessel and a general cargo vessel were surveyed in The Netherlands and Portugal respectively by him. He also carried out a series of surveys over this period for a large ferry company in Jordan. In addition, he was involved in a follow up survey in Kenya, a country which was not visited for long time by Inserve.

A risk assessment of terminal buoys for property insurers was conducted by Marinos Wang in Taiwan. This has been particularly interesting due to special reference to windstorm, tsunami and quake loss. It was concluded that the major risk is typhoon. A picture of a buoy refurbished is below.

One important issue with regard to the vessel inspections is the use of personal laptops and using computers on the bridge during a navigation watch. When a situation like this is found by our marine surveyors, they make recommendations as there should be a policy in the SMS bridge procedures and a notice posted near the computers on the bridge that they should not be used during a navigation watch by a watch keeper, as this could be a distraction from navigation.