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15th February 2014

At the end of January and in February Simon Groves and Ezequiel Castro carried out surveys for shipyard insurers, in Trinidad and in Panama respectively.

The purpose of one of the surveys was to include an assessment of the docking procedures following an incident when a vessel sustained damage during the docking operation. The other survey was in respect of ships repairer’s liability.

We generally carry shipyard surveys according with the JH143 format – build risk surveys. The Shipyard Risk Assessment shall include review and testing of the safety management, quality assurance and quality control of shipyard systems and procedures. It shall include but not be limited to: geographical and environmental risks, general site condition, processes and procedures, quality assurance / quality control of the production process, general housekeeping, management of subcontractors, permit to work systems, emergency response plan, fire fighting capability, shipyard equipment, atmospheric monitoring and control of industrial gases, launching and sea trials, site safety and casualty history.

For the ships repairer’s liability insurance there is not the same degree of formality as there is with the JH143. In a ship repairer’s liability situation the main risks are: