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15th April 2014

From April we are pleased to welcome Edmund Concepcion to the Philippines office. Edmund will cover the surveys in the Philippines and Asia along with Marinos Wang.

During the first half of April, we carried out some surveys such as towing arrangements of barges and tugs, delivery voyage and crew assessments, condition surveys, P&I surveys, technical appraisals at Peru, Norway, Belgium, Chile, Colombia and Panama.

In one of the vessels surveyed, they used paper charts as the primary means of navigation. The chart table was on the starboard side facing outboard, which is good. However, there was a laptop on the console with electronic charts with AIS and GPS input. Suspecting this was used for navigation more so than the paper charts; the system is an unofficial system. Unfortunately it is becoming quite common to see this sort of item on the bridge, this is a risk as the electronic charts are not updated.